Owl Talk Clothing Reads “The Diary 1928”

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Hello Dear Readers…welcome to “The Diary 1928″, a real and complete handwritten journal by a lovely young seventeen year old  at the start of 1928,
as she embarks on heading off to college up in Northern California. This real and actual diary was purchased at a Tag Sale several years back, and is a real
piece of Los Angeles history as the writer shares her experiences about dating, dances, locations, and heading off to college for the very first time. Enjoy!
* Note- surnames are not mentioned to protect the privacy of fellow readers, friends, family, and lovers and photos were found free on the internet.

Monday, January 9th, 1928

Today is a “Club meeting” at Mary *** house- Here are the present members.

There are also inactive members & Pledges as well.

Tuesday, January 10th, 1928

After having read and seen the play ” The Admiral Chilton” I find that I have a very “commonplace” schoolgirl longing to be cast on a desert island with some interesting and handsome male!
I think it would be loads of fun to make little notes in my diary from time-to-time, telling of my adventures and progress on that desert island. Of course it would all be a very advanced state of imagination- that’s all. I intend to have it after the style of Sternes “Tyrstem Shandy”. I hear declare that I shall change the name, character, and looks of my “hero” whenever I please to. I have already planned the details of how I would happen to be there. I’ll start it sometime soon, Maybe….

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