A Return To Retro / Dusters are Making a Comeback

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A trend that started over a hundred years ago, as travelers and cowboys ruled the vast and

dusty miles of North America wearing long, lightweight vests or coats as  a protective layer over

their everyday clothing. These protective “dusters” that they created, had to be long enough to

cover their garments completely, sheltering them and protecting them from the blazing elements,

the sun, wind, and the cold, brutal exposure of living and working outdoors. These “Dusters” that

they wore were long, sleeveless, and buttoned all the way down the front.

Back in the late Seventies & early Eighties we picked up this trend and modified it, using luxurious

fabrics like rayon and silk, wearing these lightweight semi-robes over our clothing as we headed out

to concerts, clubs, and shows.


Bringing the duster back in 2014 is a simple matter of free-flowing

nostalgia as women everywhere can embrace a light cover-up, and love the feel of fabric billowing

out behind them creating the dramatic effect that we all crave. In beautiful colors, fabric, lengths &

sizes, the lightweight duster worn over a simple outfit like jeans, tank & heels, will add freedom and

light cover to any outfit, making them perfect for the California weather & sunshine. At Owl Talk

Clothing, you can always find great cover-ups, dusters, coats, and jackets.

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