Get Those Ugly Christmas Sweaters On!

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Embroidered, embellished, or somehow adorned with Christmas trim is all you need when invited to this season’s latest party trend. The “ugly sweater party” is on for the holidays and brings lot’s of personality and fun to the party mix, but only if you can find an “ugly christmas sweater” during the mad rush of the season.

Embracing a trend that started in 2001, at a Christmas comedy show, our nation loves the “ugly sweater party”, and it has become a cult phenomenon. The are books, websites, and even several Facebook pages that are devoted entirely to the “ugly Christmas sweater party”, and even celebrities are wearing the “Ugly Christmas sweater”

At Owl Talk Clothing we understand the importance of finding that right “Ugly sweater”, and have even seen uglier things during the eighteen plus years that we have been open. At the Owl Talk Clothing there is clothing considered beautiful, and considered ugly, depending on who you ask.

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