How to Consign or Sell your clothing to a Resale Clothing Store

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When considering our overstuffed closets, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, and not know the
best way to clean this closet out, and perhaps even make a little cash. With a little re-
search effort, an honest inventory of your goods, and good follow-up techniques, it can be easy
to clear out your clothing and accessories and make the healthiest profit possible.

Clean out those Closets!

Doing research on re-sale and consignment shops can save you a tremendous amount of time
and money if you take your goods to a place that already sells similar items. There are a variety
of re-sale shops that sell ladies high end designer & couture pieces, Vintage items, baby clothing
& toys, and even shops that specialize in sporting goods, like “Play it again, Sam”.

Before you take your items into a shop like these, make sure to step in and familiarize yourself with
the establishment, and find out what their “store policy” is. At Owl Talk Clothing, we take item’s by appointment only. Many shops set aside special days to
take in items, or only take items by appointment. Many shops also have different ways that they pay
out to their consignees, and can offer different payment & percentages. You will save lot’s of time
and headache, if you take an honest look at the  clothing and jewelry you have. If you have lower end labels like Forever 21, H & M, or Target, Gap, Old Navy, do not even consider taking those items into a re-sale shop, and simply save them for donation, or a yard sale. Re-sale shops depend on high-quality labels, and timeless, classic pieces made from good fabric are. Over time, items placed in closets can become musty & stained, or become moth infested with tiny holes. Take the time to wash, air out, or dry clean your items to sell or consign, ensuring that you will get top dollar for your goods. Look inside shoes, purses, and hand-bags, cleaning out any debris or personal information that could be left inside. Making an honest assessment of what type of things you have will save lot’s of time and headache.Fabrics like wool, silk, linen, rayon, and cotton are better fabrics. Pea Coats, crisp linen shirts,silver & gold jewelry,  leather boots & accessories, are just a few examples of items that can bring in those extra How to Sell Your Clothing to a Resale Shop            dollars. Make that effort to do the footwork and find what shop works best for you.


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