Jewelry Favorites, Beads, Bone, and Brass

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Beads, Bone, and Brass,  are a few of my favorite mediums to work with as the components look great together and the fusing of organic materials with metal makes for a creative and chunky style jewelry. Beads can be glass, plastic, or bone and work together in continuous harmony.

     ”Lucky Clover” bead & brass Bracelet by Owl Talk Clothing


Brass was the first metal to be used in making jewelry in history, and goes back as far as Roman times. This metal has warm tones, and an uneven finish that can give jewelry texture and style. Brass is a good substitute for Gold, as current prices of metals soar in an unstable economy.

 Bone is a natural component that is re-used, cleaned, and can be  carved, drilled, and dyed. A favorite place to get carved bone findings is at “Art Trade”  in Downtown Los Angeles. This establishment also carries other findings like wood, jade, and closinee’.

                                              Bone & Brass Owl Earrings by “Owl Talk Clothing”  

Beads can be found almost everywhere, and are the main component in making jewelry, as beads are usually interwoven to actually hold the piece of jewelry together. One of my favorite places to get beads is at the “International Gem Show”  that comes to Los Angeles on a regular basis. Get on their mailing list, to receive free tickets to the next show. Another place with incredible variety is “Bohemian Crystal” also  based in Los Angeles. They offer plastic, glass, and swaroski crystal beads in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

Combining these earthy elements produces lightweight carved jewelry in a variety of styles that will be unique, and can work both Vintage and contemporary findings.

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