March 25th, 2011

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At the Owl Talk Clothing Store, you will find unique and different vintage items that you can use today to mix-up and complement your current wardrobe.


Adding a Vintage accessory to your contemporary wardrobe can really bring an interesting twist and dimension to a work-suit or  daytime dress. A good pair of Vintage shoes can add flair and funk your piece, and last a long time.


A Vintage hat can add marvel and fun to any outfit, and is a must for special occasions and parties. Hats are the most expressive fashion accessory out there.


Vintage jewelry is one of the easiest way to add sparkle and bliss to day or night outfits as well. A chunky bracelet or clip-on plastic earrings add fun, while a more formal vintage pin placed on a lapel or scarf, can speak volumes. A great book to enjoy or use as reference, is called “Read my Pins” by Madeleine Albright

Forties Fox Fur Wrap



Enjoy the emotion and fun that wearing a Vintage item brings, and revel in your own sense of style that you and vintage have created together.

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