Owl Talk, 21 years, & Post Modern Fashion

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Owl Talk Madonna
Change happens every day in our lives, with people, places, and especially fashion today. Over the last twenty years that the shop “Owl Talk” has been in business, we have literally seen over a dozen retail / resale stores open and close their doors, our neighborhood transformed from empty store fronts, to full spaces, and fashion styles (trends) come out strong, only to die down after a few months, yet Post Modern fashion has become the norm during the past couple decades, and as a “Resale-Retail” shop, we have been lucky to stand long enough to witness and embrace the changes since we opened in 1994, and adapted to the ideas of “Post Modern Fashion”.

Post Modern fashion set the stage in the early nineties that shifted the way we dress due to the four basic components of “Post Modernism”. Eclecticism, Nostalgia, Simulation, and Breaking of Rules. These elements have changed the way people dress since back in the Eighties, and due to the embrace of “Post Modernism”, the way people dress and shop has altered dramatically. Eclecticism in dress is demonstrated when people mix and match their pieces, such as combining an expensive designer item with a piece from a budget or thrift shop, or mixing a thrifted dress with new accessories. Mixing up items in dress can be necessary with our volatile economy, and adds a fun element in our store when we see our customers creating their own looks and style.

Owner's feeling Nostalgia

Owner’s feeling Nostalgia

Nostalgia in dress occurs when we long for days gone by, are fascinated by certain decades or important moments in history, or when we simply desire an item from the past that can bring up pleasant memories. Vintage & Thrift stores of today supply Nostalgia in big doses, and one can purchase a vintage accessory for an outfit, or dress-up in the entire piece. At “Owl Talk Clothing”, vintage items have sold steadily over the past twenty-one years, and I predict they will become more valuable and appreciated over time. Simulation shows up in dress whenever we are able to wear something that isn’t real, yet is still accepted in today’s society such as “faux fur”, fake tattoos, hair pieces or extensions, plastic surgery, colored eye contacts, and so forth. At Owl Talk Clothing the only time we were able to sell furs was during the run of the hit HBO show “Sex and The City”, regardless of real or fake, our customers had to “Simulate” the characters on the show, and we too wanted a piece of whatever magic created that feeling. “Breaking the Rules” during the past twenty-one years has shown us that just about everything that was once considered “taboo” about fashion is not only accepted, but adopted and copied. Cross dressing, rainbow hair color, and tattoos on the face and neck are examples of dress that was once only considered for a certain type of individual. At Owl Talk Clothing, I can remember early occasions that gentlemen would come into the store specifically looking for ladies clothing to wear themselves and during that time it seemed shocking, yet today it is a routine occurrence and completely normal. Today, many people are willing to step out of the “normal” dress code and play with their wants, fantasies, and their dreams, as we see this today and will continue to see it in our future. As we have learned at Owl Talk Clothing store…”Fashion is something you see in a magazine or on a dress form, but Style is a mood, an energy, and a feeling” Find your true style at Owl Talk Clothing soon!

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