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Hello Dear Readers…welcome to “The Diary 1928″,   a real and complete handwritten journal by a lovely young seventeen year old  at the start of 1928, as she embarks on heading off to college up in Northern California. This real and actual diary was purchased at a Tag Sale several years back, and is a real piece of Los Angeles history as the writer shares her experiences about dating, dances, locations, and heading off to college for the very first time. Enjoy! * Note- surnames are not mentioned to protect the privacy of fellow readers, friends, family, and lovers and photos were found free on the internet.

 Sunday April 1st, 1928

Worley had an open house today, It really was quite a success. I stayed ( with Vance) until almost 10:30pm, and we played that dumb card fortune game where you deal out a pack of cards to the players and put another pack in the middle, saying “whoever has the card to match this is the most passionate here”, or “whoever gets this card has to tell how many different persons have kissed them, or they have kissed”.  It’s really lot’s of fun except when it gets sort of hot for someone, like it did for me.

Monday April 2, 1928

Honestly, I just can’t get over how happy and carefree, and silly I felt Friday night when I was “Under”. I t was the weirdest feeling for me- and all of us- as we have compared it , and Gosh some funny things were said and done. Ruth asked Claire if she was as rich in Denver as she was is California & Claire said ” Oh Ruth, I’m poor, but God, I’m happy Ruth! I was told I got behind the fire screen and went “Woof-Woof”! and Anne V. went into the kitchen, took a whole big circle ( about a foot around)  of rye crisp & buttered it, and went all over the house eating it. Claire was funniest of all- she said “Do you all want to see one of the damn finest girls alive”? We all said “Yes! Yes!” , and she went tottering out of the room and brought back  a picture of herself…….
Today was the first day of Easter vacation.
Tuesday April 3rd, 1928

Honestly, it feels so good and “summerish” to spend a Tuesday morning basking in the sun on the edge of a swimming pool!  Claire and Betty, and Ruth and myself went out to Midwick- Claire took Betty and me to lunch at the “Elite” and then we went over to “Worely’s” to play bridge. We played that card questions game ( described recently) and we sure got the low-down on each other. Why Eleanor has been kissed by 14 different boys and I’ve only been kissed by four. It doesn’t seem to me that she goes out any oftener than I do either, I’m beginning to consider myself quite virtous.

Wednesday April 4th, 1928

There is one person I certainly like a lot and are going to miss next year like heck, and no fooling! That is Ruth H._ There are so many things I could say about her that are complementary that I’ll not even waste the time. But, Oh well, I just do like her a terrible lot.
( And I hate to have to announce it, but I haven’t any dates for this week!    Imagine! )

Thursday April 5th, 1928

Frances M. had a beach party at her house in Balboa and Ruth and I went down with Betty and Bryant. Betty and I wore and felt fine. Ruth’s scarf blew away on the way down and Bryant, trying to rescue it, drove us into a sand pile where we were an hour into getting us out. What with Ruth’s lovely lovely blond hair inviting two USC boys, we managed nicely to get out. After arriving at Balboa, we went sailing all day, except for lunch ( delicious, in fact- one of the better lunches) Betty and I, horribly sunburned, sang all the way home in the “Rumble seat”.
Friday April 6th, 1928

*Good Friday   ( how good?)
Betty and I have decided there are three “better boys” in Pasadena, although I’ll never admit I would have thought so. After much concentration on the idea, we made a list- short but sweet, maybe more later…
1) Dan S.
2) Eddie G.
3) Billy W.

Saturday April 7th, 1928

Anne and I went in to Hollywood to luncheon at Momartre’s with Eleanor K. I smoked at the table, and of course Anne told Mother- got spanked- then we went to see a play at the Capitan theatre, it was a scream!

Sunday April 8th, 1928   Easter Sunday

1) Dolly, Betty, Anne and myself rose at 6:00 am and went to early High Mass at the Catholic Church, very beautiful.
2) I went to church- 11:00 o’clock service with Betty at the Presbitarian Church. We literally battled our way in, and then had to sit in a single seat. Dr. Freeman’s service was excellent- he spoke of the life after death.

Monday April 9th, 1928

School is going full blast again this week and now I find myself on the final lap of my senior year. Ahead are final exams, then a short college- I mean a short summer. Honestly, I get so mixed up and then college, what then? sometimes I become so discouraged- I guess it’s the Monday morning blues. Only now it’s Monday night. Anyhow, I just feel as if_ well, what’s the use of doing anything? It all does end the same.

Tuesday April 10th, 1928

Whew! but I was down and out yesterday for sure- even if everything does end the same ( a comfort, I think) It is up to every one of us to make our time as colored with details as we please. That’s just what I’m going to do anyhow- my life is going to be a book, very interesting, making me laugh, cry, and thrill when I open it in my declining days. I guess if I went to the “Biltmore”, and had more love affairs, this part might be more interesting, but no one can possibly say that I can help that!

Wednesday  April 11th, 1928

I’ll have my taste from the cup of life,
A nectar both bitter and sweet.
I’ll drink the glorious blood red wine,
And claim the heritage I call mine.
The right to be free as the roaming wind,
and love whoever I meet.
I’ll sail the seven seas of the earth
and guide my way by the stars.
I’ll wander the streets of town that grew
When the earth was young, and man was new.
I’ll follow the path that the Phoenix flew,
and rejoice in my passing hours.

Thursday April 12th, 1928

I lived with nature
sipping the juice from the purple grapes
Dining on coconuts dropped by the apes
Loving the morn.
I walked in the evening,
listening to sounds from the ocean below.
Feeling the winds and hearing them blow
Glad I was born.
I hid from the lightening,
fearing the wrath from the thunderous sky
watching the river bellowing by,
seeing trees torn.
I danced in the meadows,
plucking the flowers as a wreath for my hair
laughing at trouble, and frowning at care
with never a thorn.
Then came companions,
sailing in ships from over the sea,
hoping to find my lost ship and me,
They found me_forlorn.
BY    V.B.A.

Friday April 13th, 1928

“The laborer’s song”
For all my years,
I labored in the dust
And looking up
from my low station
I saw the stars.
I longed to rise
above my dreary task
of sifting only sand.
I yearned to feel the touch of golden grains
And kiss the tree-tops
But now I know, the sun belongs, to such as I.
The grass and flowers are mine, and love me well.
The very rocks that cut my weary feet, are filled with sympathy.
The night that came, a blessing to my cares, receives me now.

Saturday April 14th, 1928

“The laborers song”    CONTINUED.

To never part again.
Beyond the down, there is no other day.
Just rest among the stars for me.


Sunday April 15th, 1928

Eleanor, Helen, Anne and myself played tennis at “Midwick”- It was a glorious hot day. Then we all went swimming, the water was most invigorating and inspirational.
Went on a date with Al A. last night- we took in some scenery and saw Lois Moran and George O’Brian in “Sharp Shooters”. It is  a navy picture of a gob who has a girl in every port, but finally settles down to one.

Monday April 16th, 1928

To Arthur C.
For several years I’ve cherished in my heart,
pictures of you in a thousand different ways.
And always you have played some thrilling part
In my life through each one of my days.
You could never guess what thoughts of you are hidden
Like buried treasure deep within my mind.
For there, they will rest, until by chance they are bidden.
To be told if you should ever prove to be so kind.

BY  V.B.A.

Tuesday April 17th, 1928

Gee, but we had lot’s of excitement in English class today, at least that’s where it started- the whole school was in a fever over it. I really ought to put you out of your suspense and tell you, oughtn’t I? But I love to exasperate sometimes. Well to make a long tale short, Louise M. got a pain in her side, and went down to see the Doctor, and I’m here to tell you that she had her appendix out at 7:00 o’clock tonight!  It certainly seems the style now_ no Ojai for her. Carol is going to represent Westridge in the singles.

Wednesday April 18th, 1928

I wonder if anyone will ever say of me: “Look at that crazy Virginia A.” is up to now! ” I feel some times that they might have a reason to someday- I mean I’d sort of like to do crazy things. I’m simply crazy to go “Lion Hunting” and chase around the nile country- and the orient thrills me to death. It makes you feel kind of “detached” to sit and suppose yourself 10 years, or even seven or eight years from now. I’d love to “settle down” in a cute little bungalow filled with love and a husband in the next few years, but I guess I probably won’t- I have the feeling I won’t, It sounds good at times, but just like every other girl.

Thursday April 19th, 1928

This looks like it might be one of the better weekends- I actually have a date for Thurs., Fri., and Sat., although none with any of “the better boys”. Tonight I am going to play bridge with Al A., Ruth, and Bud Gary. Al is sort of a daring date for me to take because of his infallible way of always contriving to “neck”, but he doesn’t get to with me, and he knows it, so I guess it’s o.k. to go out with him.

Friday April 20th, 1928

Tonight I went to see “Lazarus Laugh”, by Eugene O’Neil, played by the Pasadena Community Players. Vance took me- “Lazarus Laugh” is wonderful. The idea is taken from the bible story of Lazarus whom Christ raised from death after four days- Lazarus, having seen death, goes through the earth telling people not to fear it, and he laughs at fear of death. The people all believe in it, while Lazarus, with his radiating personality is present, but when he departs, fear overcomes them- so it was with me- during the play I was almost convinced, and felt quite rosy, but when I came out of the theater and saw hurrying cars, ect… I lost the feeling.

Saturday April 21st, 1928

Mother, Anne, and Leroy and “Yours Truly” dug up Brother Dodge and went to Balboa house hunting. O.K.

I went to the “Biltmore” with Al A. in the evening. We arrived in style in his Marmon and parked where the better cars park. Can you imagine who was there?? Betty and Cool! Clara Bow and some latin lover from Hollywood sat on one side of us, and Martha Sleeper & her boyfriend on the other. Sarita Miller was there also. Earle played “Together”, when Al came in – in the middle of the evening Earle played “There must be a Silver Lining” and I nearly went under the table. I really had a wonderful time, and managed to arrive home intact, although it was a strain.

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