Owl Talk Clothing Reads “The Diary 1928” June 1928

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Hello Dear Readers…welcome to “The Diary 1928″, a real and complete handwritten journal by a lovely young seventeen year old  at the start of 1928,
as she embarks on heading off to college up in Northern California. This real and actual diary was purchased at a Tag Sale several years back, and is a real
piece of Los Angeles history as the writer shares her experiences about dating, dances, locations, and heading off to college for the very first time. Enjoy!
* Note- surnames are not mentioned to protect the privacy of fellow readers, friends, family, and lovers and photos were found free on the internet.


The Diary 1928

The Diary 1928

Friday June 1st, 1928

It’s about time I ought to splurge forth with some more poetry at this point- but where is it? It just isn’t, I guess- or else I am not in a poetic state of mind. Gee it’s sort of funny though, when I write about poetry it makes me feel poetic, I almost think I’ll stop for awhile and try to write some. Maybe a new friend will suggest some ideas.

Saturday June 2, 1928

Marjorie and Worley  and I took an English exam at High School in the morning- for College. Afterwards Marge and Mrs. Patee and I went to luncheon at “Annandale”_ In the afternoon we went over to Peter’s house swimming, and Kenneth was there. Sounds like old days doesn’t it? Peter got kicked out of school last week for smoking. “Ain’t that too bad”? I think its sort of makes Peter more spunky.
Later Peter and I went to see a movie “The Dragnet” at the Colorado at night. Peter has a darling new “Chrysler Roadster” and he wore a beret. Couldn’t you see Collidge’s look when he saw that beret? He was so darn narrow minded about such things.

Sunday June 3rd, 1928

I studied most of today, One of my few wise acts_
In the evening I let up for awhile and went out with Huston- I am wondering how much he likes me- It’s hard to tell. He is 23 and so darn experienced that I can’t say I know him in all moods yet- I sure like him a lot. He and Marjorie are quite good friends too, a thing which pleases me a lot. I remember when I first went with Coolidge I used to be jealous of Marge- Gee I was a fool- I know better this time, that was all so bluntly seen as Marge is a dear.

Monday June 4th, 1928

Had an American History exam in the morning and only got an 83. Took another exam in the p.m.
Huston is going to work in Long Beach this summer- He has a keen job in the Signal Gasoline Company and he starts next Monday. Maybe I’ll see him when I’m in Balboa- I’d sort of like to.
They are playing “The Sweet Heart of Sigma Chi” , and it’s all I can do to keep from going under the table. Honestly, that piece just gets me down- or is it the connections?

Tuesday June 5th, 1928

Had my long worried physics exam today, and it wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be- I guess Vance is right when he say’s I worry too much.
Aunt Lucille and Uncle Earl are giving Ann and I a dinner dance of 30 at “The Flintridge Riding Club” on Monday night June 11th and we are having four pieces from Earl Burtnett’s orchestra-
Here’s who’s coming…..

Wednesday June 6th, 1928

Had my last exam today, and my last day of school at Westridge, it was Virgil and it was hard.
The Senior Class with the aid of the Faculty planted a little tree in front of the school, just so they can remember us. It was very dramatic as we used a little gilded shovel with a blue satin ribbon and lot’s of big words_ Afterwards, Miss Pauly and Miss Rummy gave a tea for us at “The Rose Tree Tea House” and I sat at a table with 6 teachers.
At night I had a date with Vance, and we went for a ride.

Thursday June 7th, 1928

The Junior Class gave the Seniors a breakfast at “The Valley Hunt Club” at 9:30- The table filled the whole ballroom and was beautifully decorated- everyone turned out in snappy new summer clothes.
We had melon, spanish omelet, rolls, coffee, and plenty of “toasts” to everyone.
Marg Baker went East at noon for the summer and the “Princeton Prom”.
Huston took his mother and myself to a garden tea for the “Cal Tech Seniors” in the afternoon- very formal_ In the evening Huston and I drove into Los Angeles to get tickets for the play “Good News”.

Friday June 8th, 1928

Today was the day of my graduation from Westridge. I was pretty scared until after I got my diploma, then everything went like greased lightening_ I got just oodles of flowers, we had to make two loads, money and gifts.
In the evening Huston took me to see the Musical comedy “Good News”. Gee, it was darling- all about college life. The best song hits are “The Best Things in Life are Free”, the “Varsity Drag”, “Lucky in Love” and “Good News”.
After the theater we tore up to Betty P’s house as she was having a dance- It sure was a rare one, a keen crowd. This has been the happiest day of my life.

Saturday June 9th, 1928

Marjorie, Mother, Anne, and myself went to “Victor Hugo’s” for lunch and say! did we eat! mebe so, maybe not- I’ll say we did!
Ardie had a tea in the afternoon at which Miss Gilbert and I had a long talk in which she gave me lot’s of advice.
Huston wanted to celebrate our Graduation tonight, and we sure did! First we went with Phil D. and Katherine A. who goes to Berkley, to the Cal Tech Senior / Junior Prom at the “Friday Morning Club” in Los Angeles- pretty good dance- Afterwards all the Sigma Alpha’s went down to the “White Oaks Tavern” a dive on 4th near Main_ regular stuff- the party sure felt good, I didn’t taste the Spirits, but I didn’t miss my pep.

Sunday June 10th, 1928

After floating in the tides all winter with vague ideas and varied likes and dislikes I feel sort of harbored now. I really like Huston lot’s and lot’s. He is just darling, and the best part is that our friendship seems mutual. I think he likes me quite well too.
He came down to dinner tonite & we got a pick-up-supper_ We sat sort of dreaming on the sofa & he told me about a dream he had the other night. A Spanish bungalow on a cliff by  sandy shared sea on  secluded island, and just the two of us.
Maybe he cares more than I thought.
” And love will come to everyone, the best things in life are free”! from the play “Good News”

Monday June 11th, 1928

Our party came off tonite- Ann and I were dressed exactly alike, in long tight waisted-full skirted “Organdies”. I went with Huston and all I can say is that everyone had half as good a time as I did, the party must have been a success. Huston had the Orchestra play “The Sweet Heart of Sigma Chi”
( Oh course I mentioned before that he is a “Sigma Chi” at Center College, Kentucky) And Oh Boy! I guess he does like me. We found an awfully cute hammock under some Oak trees near the club. Gosh I’m pretty crazy about Huston at this point- He got sort of jealous because Dan S. and I went for a walk…

Tuesday June 12th, 1928

To Huston_
The day we met I thought the sun
shone more bright along my way
And when you kissed me then I knew,
T’was really love and not just play.
The nite you told me of your dreams,
I hoped and prayed that they’d come true.
And I learned before all else in life
To care the most my dear for you.
by V.B.A.
We had the regular Westridge Alumnae luncheon today and I, as Alumnae was permitted to go. The meeting was in Miss Beach’s room, and we had luncheon in the lunch-room- It was a really keen luncheon.

Wednesday June 13th, 1928

Huston just left me  few minutes ago, and I am writing in my diary with his memory fresh in my mind. Oh boy, he sure was sleepy after working all day in Long Beach- He drives down and back each day and will do so until the 18th, then he goes down to stay, O.K. with me because it’s only about 8 miles from Balboa and we move there for the month of July. This morning I spent lot’s of money on Victrola records. I got “Sweet Sue, Just You”, and “Stay out of The South” by earl Burnett and the Trio and “The best things in life are free”, & “The Varsity Drag” from Good News.

Thursday June 14th, 1928

Ruth H. and myself went into Los Angeles to luncheon and then we went to see Charles Farrel in “Fazel”  at the Carthy Circle Theater- It was a very unusual picture, rather good.
I didn’t do so badly in my finals as I might have- at least I got through with 5 recommending credits-
Here is how I stand:
English- 89
American History- 88
Physics- 84
Latin – 85

Friday June 15th, 1928

It was one of the few warm days we’ve managed to have this year- they’re sure scare. Ruth and I went up to the Pasadena Golf Club for luncheon. Ruth had a date with Bob S. in the afternoon, so I went swimming with Marge. She is pretty thrilled because her boyfriend is down here from Palo Alto for three months.
Huston came down tonite-  Everything has turned out pretty wisely in that manner, I sought nothing, yet I have reaped the year’s harvest. I’m not fooling I think, when I say and maintain that Huston seems to be pretty fond of me.

Saturday June 16th, 1928

Helen May had a “Bridge Tea” at Flintridge- there were 12 tables, I think, a huge affair. There was a Kappa from Berkley there and Helen May introduced me to her- her name is Deborah Keever, lucky girl- Kappa Kappa Gamma! Can you imagine anything more perfect in that line?
Tommy, Eleanor, and Huston came down at night and what with mother and a little wine, and Earl Burnett over the radio we “whooped it up” quite a bit.

Sunday  June 17th, 1928

Huston came down in the morning and brought me his picture- he has mine. Tomorrow he is going to move to Long Beach for good, and what with all his pressing word, I don’t expect to see him until Sunday, July 1st.
Our whole family ( mother, and Ann and Leroy & myself) went down to cousin Ervins and cousin Catherine’s for dinner. Kitty is back from her boarding school with a wonderful tan- she is letting her hair grow out like everyone else ( mine is just below my shoulders at present) Kitty seems to have a wonderful disposition and simple tastes.

Monday June 18th, 1928

There are some adorable new “pieces” out at present- the best are, “Make Believe” and “My Dream House”

Tuesday June 19th, 1928

Tonight I allowed myself to be persuaded to go out with Coolidge- to the Biltmore. I guess this will be the last time before Christmas, as I won’t be in Pasadena except about a day after July 1st, contrary to expectations, I had a wonderful time. It wasn’t very crowded but there sure was a good gang there. Billy, Agnes, Johnny K. , and “Harry” with Louise and Henry. we all got together at the “old corner table” near the ‘trio” and Earl was certainly at his best-  He played “Sometime’s I’m Happy”, by my request for Mother. Also the trio broad casted “The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi” from the other room.

Wednesday June 20th, 1928

I didn’t think Huston would turn up in Pasadena again, but it seems he came to see me last night and I was at the “Biltmore” . Little things like that sure help things along….
Honestly, I don’t see how I can go away next year and leave the Biltmore- I’ll sure miss it, what little I do go…
I had my teeth cleaned and the dentist found four cavities- my first. I’ve got to have them filled tomorrow, Horror’s!!!

Thursday June 21st, 1928     ( longest day of year)

And what is love?
I guessed and guessed
And then I made believe,
And I was hurt-

You came along,
I cared only for diversion-
pleasure was my wish_
But you were there.

And then you told me
that love to you was this_
to me it might be different,
You said.

But now I know-
for when I woke this morning,
I knew that I
loved you.         by  V.B.A.

Friday June 22cd, 1928

All I hear around me is Marge or Mother singing “Laugh Clown Laugh”_ “Even though you, only make believing, Laugh Clown Laugh” Even tho something inside is grieving_ Laugh Clown Laugh”

Saturday June 23rd, 1928

Marge took Virginia and I to Mary R.’s bridge luncheon- She had it at her house and considering how summer and Commencement have taken people away I saw that almost all “the gang” was there. Of course “Mac” is East and so is Mary-Ann, home in Bloomington- Ruth came up from Balboa. We had a good time at the luncheon, not terribly cute prizes though…
Mother, Ann and I went to see the movie “The Raider Evedon” at night.

Sunday June 24th, 1928

Marjorie came down in the morning and we went up to the Reynold’s house in Flintridge, where Dynie P. is staying, and Marjorie introduced him to me- She is one darn lucky girl- he is pure gold.
Huston came to see me for a few moments, he was up from Long Beach for an errand.
Vance came in the evening and supplied a certain amount of diversion.

Monday June 25th, 1928

Appeal to fate-
With patient smiles I listened
for days and weeks – a year
and heard him praised and talked of-
By one whom I hold dear-
Then I learned that he was coming,
and at last that I should see
the one so greatly cherished,
by a friend so true to me,
But when you introduced us,
My heart played me a trick,
I found I’d met my ideal,
And yet- It makes me sick
To love is plain betrayal,
Of a friendship firm and true,
To forget him altogether
Is more than I can do.      by   V.B.A.

Tuesday June 26th, 1928

Huston Taylor

Huston Taylor

Wednesday June 27th, 1928

Cornie Fairbanks had a “Bridge Tea” this afternoon and the old gang was there- there were prizes for each table, darling scarfs in all the pastel shades. Marjorie was the lucky one at every table.
In the evening I went to the Biltmore to dance with Vance- had a keen time. We sat with Peggy C. and Bill H.- Paul G. ( part of the trio) was absent during the early part of the evening with a mysterious poisoning, but he recovered and the orchestra was sure going keen. We stayed  for “taps” and Oh yes! We went in Vance’s Ford! A Ford!

Thursday June 28th, 1928

Went to Mrs’ Week’s this afternoon with Marge and Ann- She told me some queer things- said I was going to have a perfect time starting very soon, mentioned a “red haired” person I would see a lot of and have a good time with- but nothing more and said I would probably love a foreigner or some such thing an Austrian or Viennese or someone who had lived there a great deal- Also that I would get the Optima and would not get married for a very long time.

Friday June 29th, 1928

Gay Wright took Marjorie, Ann, and myself out to Midwick swimming and to luncheon- I’m trying to acquire one of the better tans and I guess going out to Balboa will promote it somewhat.

Saturday June 30th, 1928

Worley and I went out to Midwick and spent the day in our suits on the side of the pool- We ate our lunch there too. Aggie,  Virginia, and Harry all came out in the afternoon and we talked mostly about the “Huntington’s” dance coming up on the shovel and played records on a portable Vic ( records by the Trio mostly)

Huston took me to a “Clara Bow” movie “Sadie’s of the mob” at night- My care on him is waning a little already- I wish I hadn’t ever met him – It just complicated things and gave me  a few good times.

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