Owl Talk Clothing reads “The Diary 1928” First week of March 1928

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  Thursday, March 1st, 1928
( a poem by writer)
Lazy, lazy lady,
Smile at me,
Drowsy summer sun
And blue green sea.
Such a savory setting,
for a tea.
Lazy, lazy lady,
Smile at me!


 Friday, March 2cd, 1928
Went to the Biltmore tonight with Vance*, and two other couples, Mary S., her fellow, and Ben H.
with Marjorie T, and John L.
Vance is nice, but Oh! He bores me so! I had a marvelous time, because Billy was there and I was
satisfied just to merely watch him. He spoke several times. Other Pasadena people were there, Connie H. and Bill R., Ruth H, and Phil A. Louise M., Agnes H., Doris B., Cornelia C., Al H., Ben W., Burn H., Walt C., Bob F., Parke W., and Billy.

Saturday, March 3rd, 1928
Tonite I sure could love Billy, at least from what I know of love, and of Billy. I guess it’s just a hopeless infatuation, and the sooner I get over it, the better. But I don’t want to get “over it” darn it! I want to make him like me, as much as I like him. I want a chance to know him better, this is the “biggest” thing since cool, maybe bigger! I had my picture taken for Graduation, at the Maryland Studio’s in the morning. Went to L.A., with Al H. in the PM. It rained today, but cleared up in the PM. I have a due to go to the Biltmore next Saturday night, with Al A.- but I’m not going to keep it.

Sunday, March 4th, 1928
Claire M., had an “open house” this afternoon. The regular gang was there, and Eleanor W. is either a damn liar or has the biggest imagination I’ve ever come across. Billy was there with Agnes.
Aunt Lucile and Uncle Earl came home from Europe today, and Ze and Art are coming in June.

Monday, March 5th, 1928
I took the Stanford intelligence test ( called an “Aptitude Test” ) out at High school today. It was a rainy, rainy morning and rather cold_Anyhow, I nearly laughed myself sick over the first question, but at least it got me warmed up!  They asked- “Write the largest city in England upside down”. Well, I nearly turned the page around.
Poor Marjorie B. had a baby boy yesterday and it died. Aunt Lucile had brought it’s clothes from Paris, and she was so excited ( I mean Marjorie) Honestly, that’s one of the worst things I can think of!

Tuesday, March 6th, 1928
Billy strikes me more and more as quite a desirable person- I certainly love his “free, easy, meet” and that “Happy go Lucky” Irish charm. Speaking of Irishmen, they are abundant in our crowd, and Oh Lord their charm! The best sellars are Irish_ Leo, Tommie, Virgil, and Billy. I wonder if the old adage, “Irishmen are wonderful lovers, but punk husbands”, is ever untrue? One thing I am positive of, is that Billy is a virgin…

Wednesday, March 7th, 1928
Wouldn’t be surprised if this little number made something important of herself someday! There now, doesn’t that sound conceited? Well, I suppose it is , but there is certainly nothing more helpful than determination. Gee…I’ve got to prove that I am an individual in this old world, and that I am able to make my own way_ If I have anything to say about it, my life is going to be an interesting one! I don’t want to cut out lot’s of experience by getting married about the usual age, but how am I going to satisfy that longing for a husband, a home, and children?  Work? Phoo, no, I’ll need lot’s of color and excitement, or some entrancing job.

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