Owl Talk Clothing Reads The Diary 1928/ January 5th & January 6th 1928

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Hello Dear Readers…welcome to “The Diary 1928″, a real and complete handwritten journal by a lovely young seventeen year old  at the start of 1928,
as she embarks on heading off to college up in Northern California

This real and actual diary was purchased at a Tag Sale several years back, and is a real
piece of Los Angeles history as the writer shares her experiences about dating, dances, locations, and heading off to college for the very first time. Enjoy!
* Note- surnames are not mentioned to protect the privacy of fellow readers, friends, family, and lovers and photos were found free on the internet.
Thursday, January 5th, 1928

” The song is ended, but the melody still lingers on” _Berlin

I only wish that the melody would fade from my memory. It pricks- I guess I will forget someday- I hope so- I wonder if it is really true that  “There is no love like the first love?”  On with the second please,  Old Lady Fate
They are playing “The Varsity Drag” from the Grove now ( over the radio)- It always reminds me of Connie’s dance- that time when I had John’s confidence and he was so darn nice to me. It’s all in favor of Louise now, I don’t believe any girl ( maybe Francis ) could hold his affections for long.

Friday, January 6th, 1928

Bill **** and Mary **** are so darling together. Honestly, the way he treats her is so divine. The part that hurts me is that Cal used to be that way too, but it’s been over a year since he has treated me anything like the way Bill treats Mary.

( a poem)
Gusts of Spring….
falling like blossoms on the grass
dropping like snowflakes
singing through the trees
Winds that waft, but pleasure
summer seeking winds
filled with breaths of ocean salt
laden with odors of sun-scorched pines!
by, VBA

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