Owl Talk Clothing reads “The Diary 1928” March 18th-March 31st 1928

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Hello Dear Readers…welcome to “The Diary 1928″, a real and complete handwritten journal by a lovely young seventeen year old  at the start of 1928, as she embarks on heading off to college up in Northern California. This real and actual diary was purchased at a Tag Sale several years back, and is a real piece of Los Angeles history as the writer shares her experiences about dating, dances, locations, and heading off to college for the very first time. Enjoy! * Note- surnames are not mentioned to protect the privacy of fellow readers, friends, family, and lovers and photos were found free on the internet.
 Sunday March 18th, 1928

I spent the night at Ruth Hosking’s last nite and we talked about lot’s of things, mostly men.
Mac had an “Open House” this afternoon and I went with Vance_ I had a perfectly rare time. Mr. William Wilson was there and I gave him a pretty cold shoulder_It is pretty funny how quickly I recover from these “crushes”_ I guess it’s just the reaction after having gone “steady” for so long.

Monday March 19th, 1928

We had  club meeting at Ruth’s house this afternoon. Eleanor K. is home. She has been abroad and in the East for almost a year, so we all were sure glad to see her. She has gotten a lot thinner and doesn’t wear nearly so much make-up_ Big Improvement!!
Ruth and I walked out to “El Molino”, and back for our health ( ?)

Tuesday March 20th, 1928

Darn; Here it’s Tuesday and I haven’t a date for Friday night! The ugly duckling is spoiled!
“Summer is icumin in” I feel it in my bones, it’s so warm and I feel it so vigorous even if I am getting old and decrepit_ Almost 18 Years old, Terrible!!

Wednesday March 21st, 1928

I see where our Friday the 13th of January ( page 13) I said that in spite of the glamour and masterfulness of big, brave men, I just adored bashful ones. Well I guess I spoke more truth than poetry that time alright_I was thinking of Billy then, he is big and masterful- but I didn’t realize that the very trait of bashfulness, which I then so admired would attract me to Dan. I guess it was his blue eyes and bashful way_ his curly black hair and the smoothness of his neck that got me down_ but most of all, his bashful way.

Thursday  March 22cd, 1928

I’ve been reading over my diary tonight and I find I’ve already changed my mind about quite a few things, and fathomed a number of seemingly very puzzling things. First of all, I at one time claimed to like the Grove better than the Biltmore!  Imagine! Quite impossible. I must have been loony. Why the Biltmore is so much more superior to the Grove, that it isn’t even comparable.
Darn…It’s so late that I haven’t time to write anymore. Good night!

Friday  March 23rd, 1928

Today was a glorious ( ?) rainy day- drippy, no walking that’s one sure thing. No date, that’s another sad thing. It seems that Ruth has been jilted by “that adorable Phil Ormaby”. Some people are so disappointing. Well, Ruth and Betty and I made the most of our “dateless” rainy night, and we took Charlotte and Jane Pond to see the movie “The Patsy”. Just to prove that you can enjoy yourselves without men, we did!  And whatsmore, I saw Dan on the way home riding along with his best friend, Cordie Howell.

Saturday March 24th, 1928

Ruth and I decided to spend a “man-less” evening at her house ( not by our own choices) but two bums came and took us for a ride out to Azusa. It was still raining and they took us to a graveyard. It was beautiful, and I got the inspiration for a marvelous poem, but Ruth is afraid of ghosts, so this is all I can think of:
I was once in a graveyard
On a night when stars
Were hidden by low hung clouds
Of misty rain.
That’s all!  Keen beginning, but what’s next? I stayed all night at Ruths.

Sunday March 25th, 1928

Tommie Mc Kary ( not Cary, I don’t think) came to call on me early in the afternoon_ another of these little Irishmen, you know. Really, life is so unexpected, I just happened to think about 2 summers ago when I met Tommie_  It was the day that Betty and I went to Catalina for the day and went to see Leone Simpsons house party. Tommie was in on it, and he hardly noticed me, as being quite young, you know -and now he comes to see me. Oh dear, I’ve wasted so much space…………..
Ardie had open house, and I went with Tommie, but later I had a date with Vance and went to Claire’s house with Vance and Bob Henger.

Monday March 26th, 1928

Ruth and I are on the point of turning into “sisters of charity” we would meet more thrilling adventures that way maybe. Honestly, I’m so blue I can’t see straight_ no dates last weekend except Sunday_ none next weekend_ only a date with Vance ( Ugh!!) on Wednesday night. Dan has never so much as called me up!
I had a “Club meeting” at Ard’s_ guess we’ll give our Chi Epsilon dance this year at the “Flintridge Woman’s Club” this year

Tuesday March 27th, 1928

They say “It’s always darkest before dawn”! I wish morning would hurry up and come_ All I do these days is translate Virgil!
“There must be a Silver Lining” is being played on the radio_ Where is it? ( That piece always reminds me of Dan)

Wednesday March 28th, 1928

Be-you-ti-ful day today_ felt so fine and peppy. Ruth and I walked all the way out to Lake Ave and back. I was to have a date with Vance in the evening, of course he arrived- he would. We went for a ride in his little old Ford, it was the worst I’ve met yet!  About a mile high, gas tank under the seat, and a hole in the gas tank, so that it only holds a gallon at a time. We hd to stop every little while, and get it filled. The side curtains flap worse than Betty Hall’s hair_ Oh, it was fun_ Vance is just too bad! I mean it’s a shame he is so short and uninteresting!  “No Soap”!!

Thursday March 29th, 1928

Gosh! I”ve been eating nails all day, I’m so down in the dumps!  Fancy ever getting a date as late as Thursday? No hope! And we had a gym meet, and the Greeks won! Gosh!  Well, believe it or not, dawn has finally broke, and guess who’s getting me a “blind date” for an informal fraternity dance on Saturday night? Why Heuston T., Gosh, he belongs to the same fraternity that those boys did we made a date on the corner the night Virginia, Betty, and I went over to Claire’s. Oh, well it’s a date!  Ain’t it a grand and glorious feeling?

Friday March 30th, 1928

The biggest thrill of my short life came off on this Friday night. Never, with boys ever have I had such a good time. First of all Claire M.’s aunt and uncle went away over the weekend and she had a “slumber party”. Betty, Ruth, Anne, Eleanor and Virginia T. and myself. We went over there at about 8pm, and got into our P.J.’s . Then we got the bright idea of sampling some potent brandy from the Aunt & Uncle, and boy, it was potent! We all got acting as finny as anything- Claire was a scream! She was calling everyone the “damndest, sweetest, girl in Pasadena”. And Virginia and Anne each smoked a cigar, and were just a scream the way they discussed the “merits” of these cigars. Anne got an open umbrella, sat with it on the floor, and asked everyone to come in out of the rain! Betty got up on the stepladder to the bookcase and went “Tweet-Tweet”. Claire got on  a crying jag, and called out for her dear father who has been dead for 12 years. At this point I got in the tub, with my negligee and nighty on and I proceeded to bathe. Virginia whooped & Ruth got on a “laughing jag” and kept throwing herself off chairs. After my bath, I felt keen, gosh, what a marvelous feeling! We ate just gobs and acted simply crazy. Oh I wish I could write down some of the funny things we said and did. It was divine, for who we didn’t whoop.
The Diary 1928
Saturday March 31st, 1928

Betty and I went to the movies to see Gary Cooper in “The Legion of The Condemed” in the P.M.
At night I went (on my blind date) with Eleanor and Hugh to a dance at the ” Sigma Alpha Phi” house, at Cal Tech and had a simply keen time.

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