Owl Talk Clothing reads “The Diary 1928” March 8th-17th 1928

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Thursday, March 8th, 1928

Anne V. and I spent the afternoon “Five miles meandering in a mazy motion”. Went out to the Wigwam and sipped of that delicious  nectar frozen orange juice, then visited ” Winegart’s Drug store and chewed an unbelievable amount of gum. Incidentally, we were chased by three cops.
School is getting to be such a bore_ All of my classes, I just barely avoid falling asleep, and then I get to thinking, “I’m certainly bored of education”.

Friday, March 9th, 1928

I went down to the Deauville Beach Club to dance in the evening with Dave M.-  There were six of us, Mary B. and Byrant, Carol S. and Bill C. We had a rare time- the orchestra is a bit jazzy, but you can’t expect to find an “Earl Burtnett” everywhere you go. Dave M. is a young man ( extremely young, being only two days older than I am) but he is very nice and I had a keen time.

Saturday, March 10th, 1928

Ruth H. and I went down to Johnny K.”s apartment  ( at U.S.C.) for luncheon, aren’t we getting naughty tho? It really wasn’t very proper, I’ll admit, as it sounds, but we behaved very properly, and that’s the whole point of the thing. John prepared us a nifty luncheon composed of Avocado salad- chicken on toast ( canned) and pineapple and cake for desert. I suppose there are two S’s in that word!  He met us at the door in knickers with a white shirt, rolled up sleeves, open down the front. He looked darling!  Went to Anne V’s tea at Annandale, saw “Feel my Pulse” ( movie)

Sunday, March 11th, 1928

Played about  4 & 1/2 sets of tennis in the morning with Georgina, she beat me something awful to see. In the afternoon I became real daring and drove to the beach with Bryant in in his Ford! It was a freezing cold day, but nothing daunted, we went in swimming at the Deauville Beach Club. We saw Cornie & Gabe and that adorable Phil A. with Ruth down there. After speeding home over bumps ( I say!)  We arrived in time for Virginia T’s open house, not enough food so we had sandwiches and coffee at the “Elite”. After all that I went out on two dates that nite, one with Al H. ( I like him a lot) and the second with Johnny!

Monday, March 12th, 1928

Really, I feel so darn empty, there is no one I’m genuinely wrapped up in. I have a crush on Billy and I could easily cultivate one on Johnny and I’m fond as the dickens of Al H, Phil A. is just precious, he doesn’t drink or smoke, but daw-gone-it!  I’m not crazy about anyone. Say what you wish, love certainly is an attractive addition to life and I sure miss it at present.

Tuesday March 13th, 1928

Well I certainly spoke too soon yesterday when I said that there was no one in particular in Pasadena who interested me a lot. Really, I’m sure now that it’s true that “It’s always darkest before dawn” and “Every cloud has a Silver Lining”. Well anyways to tell the tale completely, Anne V. and I went ” Zuming”, and while we were at the gas station that adorable Dan S. who rates just divinely ( description will probably be given later) came up and started talking to me, then asked if he could call me this very night!   Well, was I floored?? Not much!  Anne simply died of jealousy, as she and Betty M. have had their eyes on him for at least six months.
Now evening comes and to complicate matters Vance ( ugh!) and Duke S. came down ( I kicked them out) Dan and I went for a ride- I had a perfect time, then he asked me to go to the Biltmore on Friday nite.

Wednesday March 14th, 1928

I forgot a most important thing yesterday when I was telling about Dan- and that is, that he is Irish! Just as Irish as he can be- same build as Leo Kelly with black hair and blue yes, the regulation cute little Irish nose, and his most captivating feature, a marvelous looking mouth! So far I have only seen it. When I went to school today and people found out that I was join out with Dan S. (they always do find out) I was simply stared at- Talk about being up in the clouds! Why I felt so snooty I could have stepped on whatever you call it.

Thursday  March 15th, 1928

Mother doesn’t like Anne V. at all- darn it anyway, Anne is a good scout, and we have neet times together. Something’s always taking the joy out of life.
Betty Hall and myself went walking out to the drug store in this P.M. and incidentally we ran across Mr. William Wilson. I at first treated him with great coldness – but I just couldn’t help warming up. I as I have often said lately, “These Irishmen always get me down”!
Tomorrow is the day!! ( I’m going with Dan S. to the Biltmore ) It is funny that St. Patricks day is so near…

Friday March 16th, 1928

Honestly, I have the rottenest luck! I woke up with a cold sore on my lip! I finally got it to look pretty presentable by evening, but it wasn’t like being without one. Anyways, all day I kept getting more and more excited, because really, Dan is the best looking boy I’ve ever had a date with and he is perfectly adorable. I had to go to the chancellors tea given by Miss Ranney, and Miss Rummey, and after that I walked out to Winegarts and back. Honestly, it seemed like night would never come- believe it or not it finally did, with many palpitations of the heart. I started over to the Biltmore with Dan, and as we were “Single Date”, I spent the whole evening dancing with Dan, but met his sister who was there also. Dan dances divinely and Mac and Ruth ( who were there with Phil and Red) said that I looked as if I was “up in the clouds while I was dancing”

Saturday  March 17th, 1928 The Diary 1928

There was so little room on the page for yesterday and it was such an eventful day that I thought I’d give a little more space to it here- Anyways, continuing about Dan, I don’t think I made a very big impression on him last nite for some reason. He didn’t say much and neither did I, although considering we were such recent acquaintances it is really not at all surprising. Dan’s favorite trick is to turn his big blue eyes on me and mumble something indistinguishable, and then look embarassed, and laugh a cute gurgle laugh. If I say, “What are you laughing at?” then he’ll say “Oh nothing”, and laugh some more.

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