Owl Talk Clothing Reads The Diary 1928 / Sunday January 1st, 1928

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Hello Dear Readers…welcome to “The Diary 1928”, a real and complete handwritten journal by a lovely young seventeen year old  at the start of 1928,

as she embarks on heading off to college up in Northern California. This real and actual diary was purchased at a Tag Sale several years back, and is a real

piece of Los Angeles history as the writer shares her experiences about dating, dances, locations, and heading off to college for the very first time. Enjoy!

* Note- surnames are not mentioned to protect the privacy of fellow readers, friends, family, and lovers and photos were found free on the internet.diary3









Sunday, January 1st, 1928

Today is the day of “New Resolutions”_ The day to rise undiscouraged_

I have a new “interest” in life- it is John *****. It all started through my consoling him, because Francis ***** treats him so terribly; and bit by bit, I grew to sympathize so much with him, that I grew to like him, ALOT.  He was very frank with me, and has told me of his various “indiscretions”, and I know from his own lips that he has a past, but somehow, I can’t seem to condemn him on that account.

He drinks, Oh God!  That is really the worst- how could I but think it so???

Monday, January 2cd, 1928

Saw the 39th Annual “Tournament of Roses Parade”, and in the afternoon saw Stanford beat Pittsburg 7-6 at the Rose Bowl. Had supper and dance at the Valley Hunt Club.

Louise ****** is absolutely determined to “get” John now that Francis has put him into circulation again. She isn’t anymore suited to him than a flea…Why he and Francis are naturally made for each other. Why do people I always like seem impossible? Arthur **** and Johnny *** both made me feel the same, as if I’d like to “try” them but I’m not given the chance.

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