Owl Talk Clothing Reads “The Diary July 1928”

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Sunday July 1st, 1928

This morning Mother, Ann, LeRoy, and myself left for a six week stay at Balboa- I sure hate to go- I’d like to spend the the last few weeks with my family in Pasadena among my friends, or else at Santa Barbara. Art will be there- I guess the atmosphere will rather strange anyhow, a change.
Ruth H, had an “Open House” at her bay-front Balboa house, and Huston took me- I’m pretty sick of him, he’s had so darn many girls that it’s fairly nauseating.

Monday July 2, 1928

At present we are “settling” at Balboa- the water is the biggest attraction, and about the only time i feel clean is when I’m in swimming- our house might pass in the dark, although I doubt it. Anyhow I’m really having a keen time in spite of it all.
Cousin Catherine and cousin Irving A. have given us a guest card to the yacht club and about the most delightful thing I can think of doing is going up there and listening to “Earl Burnett” over the radio.

Tuesday July 3rd, 1928

Betty A. came down to stay with us until Sunday_
LeRoy took us up to the Rendevous dancing at night. I danced with Al, Lewis, Oliver, and George of whom I met on Sunday or since I’ve come down here- they way they dance at this place is unbelievable and goodness knows, I’m a prude. The boys wear knickers and “tennis socks” just like the girls- It’s a scream and they dance like, well, they dance like nobody’s business.

Wednesday July 4th, 1928

I decided to have “Open house” today, so people came down from Pasadena and a few from Balboa. Among those present were Oliver, Louis, and Ruth walked up the beach. Virginia T. came from Long Beach (where she is staying) and brought Huston. Betty and Worley came with Peter and Kenneth A. John and Peggy dropped in, and Vance came down and we all went dancing at the “Yacht Club” in the evening. I met a terrible bore from Riverside, a friend of Bill H.

Thursday July 5th, 1928

The “Huntington’s” are giving a big dance tomorrow nite, and having Earl Burnett’s second string- after 12 Earl and the Trio are coming. Dynie P. is getting me a date with a boy who was Yell Leader at Stanford last year, Al C. He graduated as the most popular boy on the campus, also he is supposed to be terribly funny looking, to say nothing of atrocious. Ann is going with Cool- We are going back to Pasadena tomorrow morning and stay with Kitty A.
Louise B. is having a dance Saturday night, and I’m going with Huston.

Friday July 6th, 1928

Mother, Ann, and I drove up in the morning and boy, maybe I wasn’t glad to be back in the old town again- I spent the day with Marge and Dynie and Al C. came for us from her house. Al is every bit as funny as I had been told, both in looks and actions- but he is keen fun, a marvelous dancer, and a fine boy. The Huntington’s dance was even better than Cornie’s- it was just spiffy! I sure met bunch of “Zetes” from Stanford cute and funny- one person got an introduction to me through Marge H.- He was older, about Art’s age and had a cute little mustache- I’ve forgotton his name. Earl and the Trio came after twelve and it was wonderful.

Saturday July 7th, 1928

Betty H. and I went out to luncheon at the “Valley Hunt Club” and then we picked up Ann and Kitty downtown and went swimming out at “Midwick”. Al C. decided he wanted to go to the Beckwith’s, and said that if I’d break my date with Huston he’d break a date with Hazel K. and we could go together. It was o.k. with me because I hadn’t heard from Huston anyhow. He broke his date and we went together and had a keen time. The music wasn’t anything like last night, but it was alright. Ann went out on a blind date with David Mc Guillan a boyfriend of Marge’s from Saint Paul- Mimi. Stayed at Marge’s all night.

Sunday July 8th, 1928

I guess maybe I’ll write Huston so as to pacify him about last night. It’s handy to have an extra boyfriend ( Extra? Ha-ha) the trouble is, I’m afraid he’s not the type to be pacified. Oh well, I’ll try.

Marge has had a piece of bad luck- an infected heel. She has to stay in bed 24 hours starting at 1:00pm today. Dynie came down and spent the afternoon hours and we passed the evening writing poetry ect..
Dynie and Al aren’t very struck with Ardie’s charms ( ?) in fact they dubbed her “hatchet face”, a shame, perfect shame.

Monday July 9th, 1928

I just can’t go back to Balboa when Pasadena is so attractive- Marge has invited me to stay with her till Wednesday and Kitty say I can come stay with her Wed. night- Worley has asked me to stay with her Thurs. nite and Marge say’s I can stay with her again Friday- Be beh!!
Oh boy, tonite I listened to the Biltmore over Patee’s radio! It seemed like old days, before we went to Balboa.

Tuesday July 10th, 1928

Marge and I went to Annadale for luncheon and then to the movies to see “Harold Teen”
I got word today that I passed my English exam that I took June 2- Extra-ordinary.
Al C. called me up in the evening and asked me to go to the movies with him. I would think after working in them, he would want another diversion at night ( ?) We went to see Eddie Peabody playing his Banjo at the “Colorado” and a picture called “Steam Boat Bill” Laugh? I thought I’d die!

Wednesday, July 11th, 1928

Marge and I went out to luncheon at Los Angeles and then we drove into U.C.L.A. because Marge wanted to see if her application for admission had been accepted- She is pretty sure of getting in. U.C.L.A. is almost as hard to get into as Stanford.
I spent the nite at Kitty’s and I had a date with Coolidge. We started foe the Biltmore, but thought of quite an exciting plan. We decided to drive down to Balboa and dance at the “Rendevous” We got there at 10:30 and everyone at our house was asleep so we raised a little Cain around there and then we went and danced till 12. Got home at 1:00pm.

Thursday July 12th, 1928

Captain Billy is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen- he goes into the drugstore at Balboa and takes the sponges from behind the countermand walks out. When he gets lost from us in that small town, as he does everyday he tears around in the wildest manner with his police dog ears straight up in the air and his long tail waving- The other morning we caught him chewing gum.

Friday July 13th, 1928

Marge and Woodie and Betty and I went down to Beach Club for the day. I lay in the sand with my face to the sun for 2 solid hours and I didn’t even get pink. It sure did jar me.

Saturday July 14th, 1928

Peter C. gave a swimming party followed by buffet and bridge. He has a pool and tennis court so it was keen, I went with Billy W., gee that would have thrilled me a few months ago- It did a little even now. Marjorie and Dynie were there, about 8:30 a whole gang of us decided to go over to the BIltmore to dance. Nate M. & Louise M. both sat at our table, Connie and Gabe, Helen, Peter, and Red ( Mac’s boyfriend) Charles, Mary, Agnes, Jack, George, and Harry were also there. Billy knows Earl and the “Trio” well, so they all came and sat at our table, pretty slick! Billy imbibed quite a bit of “Spirits”, but remained polite and admirable. Had a divine time!

Sunday July 15th, 1928

Zizi got home from a two-year “sojourn” in Europe at different schools, she came in at Los Angeles and went right to Santa Barbara as I was leaving for Balboa at 9:30 with Cornie and Gabe, I couldn’t go to see her in- Big Disappointment. I can hardly wait to see if she has changed a lot, or is just as she used to be.
Cornie, Gabe and I arrived in Balboa intact and went down to Ruth’s. We swam, ate, and aquaplaned . Cornie was a scream at the ladder, a perfect flop!   Al C. was down and several others. Louise and Oliver didn’t turn up, but Huston came down at nite and took me down to the dance.

Monday July 16th, 1928

John K. is staying with Peggy and they came over in the morning and took Ann and I sailing in the Star Boat- Ann pushed John overboard with his watch on, but he nobly forgave her. Got a keen burn, especially my face and my nose.
A Candy Stamp——
It’s funny- I don’t like Huston anymore! A shame, perfect shame!

Tuesday July 17th, 1928

This morning, we suddenly had the urge to ride up to Pasadena for the day, so Mother and Ann, LeRoy, and myself hopped in the old Dodge and drove-up. It was as hot as blazes and I didn’t see a soul I knew around. After luncheon however, Billy , John,( he came up last night)  and Cool dropped in and we held a big, juicy gossip circle to see what has, is, and will happen in Pasadena and elsewhere nearby- Practically nothing is happening except the Biltmore.  About 4 we left for Balboa- the cool sea breezes were quite refreshing. In the evening Mrs. Hopkins, Ruth, and myself looked in at the dance.

Wednesday July 18th, 1928

Peggy came over for luncheon and in the afternoon Ann and I drove with her in the Lizzie down to Laguna. Our mission was mainly to see Ann V., but we found out that she had gone to Pasadena for the week, so we decided to give Laguna the “once over”. It is supposed to be the “hot town” this year, but for the life of me, I can’t see why- a few stores and a rickety dance hall. The water is beautiful however, studded with rocks, it is beautiful emerald green with blue tints. The trees are pretty, but I don’t think the place begins to compare with Santa Barbara. I don’t see why the artists settled in Laguna in preference to Santa Barbara.

Thursday July 19th, 1928

While we were on the beach this morning, quite a few people dropped in on us- Peggy came over in the row-boat, and John and Cool came down for the day. Also, George P. ( goes to U.S.C. and lives at the apartment with John and Cool from Orange) came down and with him were Blackie P., a handsome youngster from Pasadena and Mr.Gordon W. George has always struck me as being quite cute- he is the “farmer type” Anyways, he asked me for a date tonight and we went to a movie ( same one I saw with Huston in Pasadena) Blackie took Virginia L. also from Pasadena. After the movie we took them home and then George and I drove down to Laguna- It was a marvelous night.

Friday July 20th, 1928

After luncheon, Ann, Peggy, and myself drove into Long Beach to see Virginia T. who is staying there for the summer. She seems to be spending quite a thrill-less time, evan though she has seen Huston a couple of times. All I can say about Long Beach ( although I really like it and had a marvelous time there) is that I’m glad I’m in Balboa.

Saturday July 21st, 1928

LeRoy has a little boat 3 X 6 that he built himself and we call it “Little Coquette” from the popular song. It looks like this  ( picture of boat)
There was a dance down at the yacht club tonight and Peggy & I got up a gang to go. Cornie, Dave, and Dan were spending the weekend with Ruth, so they came too. Blackie & Virginia, Johnny & Reggie, Ann & Cool, Al, George, and myself. The yacht club was sort of dead so most of us left. George and myself went down to the “Rendevous”. I danced with Luis and Oliver, both who are down for the weekend and with George. Also, he introduced me to the honey of Balboa- Eddie A. and his brother Parker, equally cute, both tall and blond. I thereby won a bet from Ann, that I”d meet Eddie before she would. After the dance, George and I drove down to Dana Point and back.

Sunday July 22, 1928

Whoopee! Got a telegram from ZiZi saying she wants me to visit her in Santa Barbara from Monday-Thurs! You bet I’m going. I’m sure crazy to see her and see if she has changed much. Cornie, Gabe, Dan were at Ruth’s all day and Alex and myself were asked to spend the day also. We had keen food- Turkey and Spanish junk. We swam, played ball, fought, and motor boated. The house is just below, and Al sometimes comes down so consequently, I kept  watchful eye in that direction but failed to catch sight of Al’s fiery head. George came down to the place kinda late and we all had a game of bridge. Gabe and Dan drove me up to Pasadena about 10 and I went to spend the night with Mrs. Carter. I’m going on the train at 8:20 tomorrow morning.

Monday July 23rd, 1928

All the way up on the train I kept wondering what Zi would be like. Finally I got so excited I nearly burst, luckily at this point the train got to Santa Barbara. Zi and Jennie met me at the station. Zi has grown taller, but not fatter and looks exactly like she used to. She has a little forign accent which is most becoming and she isn’t one bit “snotty”. She still has her imperious manner- I always admired it, but her disposition seems to have improved. She is adorable. At luncheon I casually asked were Art  is, and was told he is in Texas visiting relatives. Later Aunt Lucile said she expected him home maybe tonight, so I’m pretty thrilled- Gee it’s good to be here again.

Tuesday July 24th, 1928

Today Uncle Earl took Zi, Norm, and a few more of us to that divine spot that we visited last year on the boat. It is the cove that we went to last September the day that Art forgot his bathing suit and I saw him alone all day with no other young ladies to interfere.
Art hasn’t come yet, and no one knows exactly when to expect him. In fact no one is quit sure of his present where abouts – Every time I hear the phone ring, I pray it is  telegram from him saying he is coming.  Aunt Lucile has asked me to stay until Saturday- I only hope he comes before then, even seeing him a few moments means a lot to me. I’ve treasured the slightest encounters.

Wednesday July 25th, 1928

As i write this Aunt Lucile, Uncle Early, and Betty F. are entertaining in the house here at S.B. Colonel Charles A. Lindburgh !  Matbe we don’t feel so snooty! He came up here in his plane today and we all went down to see him in- Count Eric Van Sprobreck ( I’ll find out later) brought him over. He seems quite stuck on Aunt Lucile – He is most charming and full of fun.

Thursday July 26th, 1928

Aunt Lucile has decided since I am eighteen and only 14 years younger than she is, from now on I must call her just Lucile- It certainly is hard to remember that at first, but I suppose in time it will seem quite natural in time. It certainly would be the only thing in case things should happen to fall out the way I’ve always wished. Maybe this is Fate’s first intended step. Otherwise I’d say fate was set against it, as I guessed I would see Art this summer. He doesn’t come home until the first Tuesday in August.

Friday July 27th, 1928

Eric is simply adorable- Today ZiZi and I ate our luncheon on the beach at Edgecliff and as usual, Eric was very much in attendance. He treats me with the cutest “little sister” air. It’s quite “fetching”. ZiZi was so polite, offering to get me all my food and everything, but I found out it was just because Eric was getting his then- I certainly wish he would take me up in his airplane, I’m simply crazy to go up.

Saturday July 28th, 1928

ZiZi told me “strictly confidentially” that Art nearly got married in Paris to  a French girl.
July 30th, 1928

Sunday July 29th, 1928

Grades from Westridge

Monday July 30th, 1928
July 30th 1928

Tuesday July 31st, 1928

“You took advantage of me” popular piece..
All Ze and I do is play the victrola- I sure love that piece!  “Make Believe” “Old Man River”, I’ll always remember the Biltmore trio singing that- and the way they start in to sing “From Monday On” “Meloncoly Baby”.  Music sure has it’s charms. Each piece reminds me of a different mood, person, or occasion. I love to revive memories by playing old music.

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