Owl Talk Clothing reads “The Diary May 1928”

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The owners of "Owl Talk Clothing" glam it up at the "20th Century Women's Club" Fashion show on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 showing support for their community of Eagle Rock

The owners of “Owl Talk Clothing” glam it up at the “20th Century Women’s Club” Fashion show on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 showing support for their community of Eagle Rock

Hello Dear Readers…welcome to “The Diary 1928″, a real and complete handwritten journal by a lovely young seventeen year old  at the start of 1928, as she embarks on heading off to college up in Northern California. This real and actual diary was purchased at a Tag Sale several years back, and is a real piece of Los Angeles history as the writer shares her experiences about dating, dances, locations, and heading off to college for the very first time. Enjoy! * Note- surnames are not mentioned to protect the privacy of fellow readers, friends, family, and lovers and photos were found free on the internet.

Tuesday May 1st, 1928

I’ll be so sorry when I finish this year because I have grown to love this diary and it will seem awfully strange to record my feelings in a new one. You really have to get quite used to a book before you feel like unburdening yourself to it, entirely. It’s just as if you met someone and gradually gained confidence with them.

Wednesday May 2, 1928

I’ve discovered everything in detail about “Billy Wilson’s” case on me this past winter- It is all very clear to me now, and I still don’t hold anything against Billy. He is the type you can forgive, and forgive. It seems that he has been crazy about Agnes H. since about 2 months before Christmas and she is just “Playing” him while her friend Jack Buckingham is away. When he came home at Christmas, Agnes gave Billy “The Gate”, and Billy trying to forget fell for me- ( Didn’t I do about the same once?) When Jack went back to college Agnes went back to Billy, and I was left sitting. Billy did tell Cool that he liked me a lot, though_ there it is in a nutshell.

Thursday May 3rd, 1928

Another perfect day! Warm as I like it and a big full moon. John came over at night and suggested a swim, so we went in at the Valley Club. There were no lights, but the moon and the water was nice and warm_ ( so was John..) Afterwards it was nice and sort of cool, so we drove out to the Wigwam and got two of the toughest chicken sandwiches I have ever seen, anyhow it didn’t spoil the romantic effect much, so it was o.k.

Friday May 4th, 1928

Meekie and Uncle Louie have another daughter- arrived yesterday afternoon at Good Samaritan Hospital weighing 5 lbs, perfect little beauty from what we hear- a girl to be named Patricia. Sort od adding the Irish element to the family,  Ha Ha!

Saturday May 5th, 1928

Dodo G. gave a luncheon at “Momartres”_ Oh Boy- it was a roasting day..I went with Anne V. and we didn’t wear any stockings. After the luncheon ( Billy D. was there) to carry out the effect of the weather, we went to see the play ” From Hell came a Lady”, very unusual and good.
I went to a Formal prom ( inter fraternity) with Hugh Taylor at the Huntington. He sent me a darling corsage and I had a marvelous time. There really are some darling boys at Cal Tech- including Hugh. The favors were awfully cute- little silver bud vases with the crest go the five fraternities who gave the dance.

Sunday May 6th, 1928

Bryant and Dave took me out to dinner at the “Elite” and nearly mortified me to death the way they behaved- I’ll never go out with those infants again if I have to sit home forever. It was a good supper though.

Monday May 7th, 1928

Vance asked me out to play Bridge with Bob H. and his girl_ I didn’t know that Bob had any other girl but Claire, but he was just fooling again because they go so steady you’d think they were just married- Claire liked Bob pretty well and he seems to have fallen for her ( so he says) This all happened while his regular girl was away, in fact Bob said he preferred Claire, but the poor boy is so tied up with this girl, he can’t stir out of her sight. It made me sort of blue to see her with him because Clare went back to Denver herself today.

Tuesday May 8th, 1928

Charlotte B. says that “Love can excuse anything but meanness; but meanness kills love”…I wonder if that’s what happened with Cool and myself? I can’t seem to remember whether he was ever mean or not. To do him justice I don’t think he ever was_ It was just a big example of “Puppy Love” on my part devotion for someone older and as soon as I grew up, I didn’t wish to “devote myself”
anymore. It has all worked out for the best, and we are both satisfied ( I particularly)

Wednesday May 9th, 1928

I wonder if I love Art C. ? He is my ideal alright_ and I say to myself that I do, but not having spent much time in his presence especially lately, I’m sort of wondering. At present he is in Europe and I think ZiZi is coming home with him. I certainly should appreciate if I should be given the chance to learn whether I do like him as much as I think, or whether it is just an infatuation like all the rest so far. I also wonder if he is as perfect as Iv’e pictured him. I sure wish he’d notice me, just a little bit like he did two summers ago.

Thursday May 10th, 1928

Hugh T. is sort of at the point where he remembers there is such a person as me_ tonight he called up and asked me to go to the movies and Elmer W. took Betty H.  Hughster is terribly good looking- much more so, mother and Anne think, than Dan S., but he doesn’t interest me much_ I imagine that he is the type who “taken his fun where he found it”. Maybe I’m wrong, we went to a silly movie- “A Blond for a Night”, and I laughed till I thought I’d die.

Friday May 11th, 1928

Tis love that holds a bird on it’s course
Straight to the nest it left, when on the wing
I rose to greet the morning sun

Tis love that guides a violet from the earth
Up to the grass-tops, where it then beholds
A field of golden poppies overhead.

Tis love that makes the very plainest man
A god in some sweet woman’s humble eyes
And raises him above all else on earth.       By V.B.A.

Saturday May 12th, 1928

To Arthur,
It seems at evening is that I miss you most
When busy day is done, and with the stars a host

Of memories that sail the doorways of my mind,
As each slight trembling of the twilight’s breeze.

Brings soft voices of the evening through the trees.
I look to see you come, but only ghosts I find_

By  V.B.A.

Sunday May 13th, 1928

I love you_ I love you_
my words, like fluttering birds against a window
Beat upon the doorway of your heart_

And then fall downward
Broken like the dry October leaves against a wall.

I love you_ I love you_
My cry, though ringing through the peopled world,
Is silent when it breaks upon your ears,

And is wafted back to me.
Like dying waves returning from unfriendly shores.

By   V.B.A.

Monday May 14th, 1928

Club meeting at Gay Wright’s _ We are giving the dance May 26th ( Saturday) at Flintridge _ I guess we will have Glen Edmund”s orchestra, Gee I wish we could afford one of Earl Burnett’s strings! It would be perfect.

Tuesday May 15th, 1928

Betty wants me to get her a blind date for the Chi Epilou Dance- I guess I’ll ask Hugh T. since Marjorie is taking Dan, and besides Dan has never asked me out since that first time- Huston has taken me out several times now- he is real adorable looking too, black curly hair, a smooth high forehead, blue eyes with long curly lashes. His mouth is terribly cute too, and he is mediumly tall with a good physique.

Wednesday May 16th, 1928

I called up Huston_ and he says he’d be delighted to come_ also he is going to try and get Phil Durfee, a fraternity brother of his, for Betty. Were supposed to play bridge with them at my house tomorrow night. We’ve decided not to give “Charm school” as a play, but just to read the parts, as exams are so near and we really don’t know it. Gee! I bet it will be keen! ( sarcastically, by all means!)

Thursday May 17th, 1928

Well, I introduced Betty, or rather Huston did to Phil, but he has a date the night of the dance, so I guess that isn’t so good. However we had a good time tonight- we didn’t play bridge though, we went for a ride. Hugh is really awfully cute; he has such fast retorts and lot’s of pep. He just stopped going steady with Mary Van B. a little while ago. We drove down around San Gabriel and sort of through the woods.

Friday May 18th, 1928

This afternoon the Senior class went to the “Huntington Library”-I was most interested in the manuscripts, and to tell the truth, I was terribly disappointed in the paintings_ especially the “Blue Boy”. The reproductions of it are so numerous and perfect that they almost eclipse the original, of course after I study Art History i hope to go back and view them with more enjoyment. I particularly liked the original manuscript of “Annabelle Lee”.
In the evening we gave “The Charm School”_  What a beautiful thought! According to critics, it was quite good.

Saturday May 19th, 1928

Marianne Eddy has a luncheon at Flintridge- It was the regular bunch and an awfully good luncheon. We played bridge afterwards and Cornie won a perfectly darling bag. Later Mary Ann and Virginia came down at night and Johnny and a friend of his dropped in. A good time was had by all?

Sunday May 20th, 1928

Was calmly enjoying the Sunday afternoon atmosphere when Huston dropped in_ we sat and talked for quite a while- I really feel as though I know him a lot better know- he’s really darling.
Ruth had a small supper party for Fred A. and three fraternity brothers of his- Sigma Thi’s from Cal_
These were future schoolmates of mine- one a darling blonde, Dave A. sure impressed me.

Monday May 21st, 1928

Betty and I haven’t seen much of each other lately- It certainly hurt me, but I begin to think that Betty is two-faced.

Tuesday May 22, 1928

Each day I rise
And blow a bubble from my pipe
Into the skies –
It drifts slow or swiftly upwards
Depending on my mood
And on the winds of chance.
Upon it’s glassy sides
Are always painted scenes and people,
And it glides..
With the fortune of that single day
Some mornings
It’s frail walls are crowded with events
And often warnings
Of things i shouldn’t do,
And yet I do them….

Wednesday May 23rd, 1928


And in my very head,
Turn over all the plans Iv’e made,
And ought to carry out…and may.

So, when I see
My bubble starting upward lazily
It puzzles me_
What should I be, if ever in the air
It burst?

by V. B. A.

Thursday May 24th, 1928

I sank upon my pillows,
and darkness held me close, against it’s bosom.
I lay satisfied at last,
And then to share my sleep, came dreams-
And you, wandering from here to there,
Stepped from one dream to another.
I saw strange places, and ran frightened
From a thousand perils.
But you were there and it was good.
Once I fell, down through countless miles,
I sped in terror.
But falling I rejoiced
for then I awoke,
With your kisses on my lips.

By V. B. A.

Friday May 25th, 1928

Sometimes I like to plan my life so as to picture myself with “one of the better” educations and all income derived from my own toil_ an income big enough to do things with_ and then I want to have all of this with youth. There are so many things I’d do, places to go, people to meet. I’d just as soon be by myself to do things and find them out by myself. I’m not nearly as lonesome by myself as when I’m with tiring people or even people who aren’t tiresome. I bet I’m awfully coo-coo!!

Saturday May 26th, 1928

Betty E. gave a bridge luncheon at “La Ramada Inn” in San Marino – I went with Marge and Mary Ann. While we were eating Mrs. Allstead telephoned to say that Ard had gotten into Stanford- how she carried on! I would much rather go to Cal_ After the luncheon  Mary Ann and I went to a dance at Annandale- Earl Burtuett & Orchestra complete played. When we left Mary Ann kept forgetting all her belongings and we had to go back, so I kept getting little earfuls of music. At night, Chi Epsilu gave it’s yearly brawl- It was at Flintridge and I went with Huston Taylor- I wore my new white beaded dress that Uncle Earl brought me back from Paris . The party real was a success, although the music was awful. It was one of those warm early summer evenings and Huston and I went for a long drive after the dance.

Sunday May 27th, 1928

I think next year when I have a new diary I’ll fill in the bottom of the pages of this year’s with comments and notes. It will be interesting to see how a year has changed things and what a difference it will make in surroundings and in friends. I hate the idea of giving up this book and taking a new, strange one.

Monday May 28th, 1928

I’m getting pretty thrilled about college at this point- I have to start around the first of August, as that’s the time when the University of California at Berkley starts. It’s such a big place that I’m just going to be petrified, I know. What I’m most scared of is that I won’t get “rushed” by any sorority, and if I do it won’t be a good one_ Gee I’d sure like to be a “Kappa Kappa Gamma”. I’ve had so much advice about how i must act when I get to college that I’m nearly upside-down with perplexity_  However, if you wait long enough, and don’t act too crazy, I’ve found out that most things usually come out alright in the end.

Tuesday May 29th, 1928


Wednesday May 30th, 1928 ( Memorial Day)

Today was Anne’s 17th birthday and school holiday-
Louise and Peggy helped matters along quite a bit by giving a bridge tea- We didn’t progress, so pretty soon each table got pretty “catty”. The Westridge faculty arrived at four so all the cigarettes had to be extinguished & company manners had to be restored_ ( darn, the cat just won’t let me write) guess I’d better be short about this – anyhow I went out with Huston later that night.

Thursday May 31st, 1928

It’s quite late and I’m listening to the Biltmore turned way down low so Mother won’t hear me and make me go to bed- But I really don’t feel the urge of bed just yet- tomorrow I have my first final exam- English. I guess it’s quite serious, really I know so little about this English stuff.
Anne and I went out to see Meekie and Uncle Lionel this afternoon, and we talked about everybody and everything for just ages! It makes Meekie seem sort of older to have two children.

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