Owl Talk Clothing Reads The Diary / Saturday January 7th & Sunday January 8th 1928

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Hello Dear Readers…welcome to “The Diary 1928″, a real and complete handwritten journal by a lovely young seventeen year old  at the start of 1928,
as she embarks on heading off to college up in Northern California. This real and actual diary was purchased at a Tag Sale several years back, and is a real
piece of Los Angeles history as the writer shares her experiences about dating, dances, locations, and heading off to college for the very first time. Enjoy!
* Note- surnames are not mentioned to protect the privacy of fellow readers, friends, family, and lovers and photos were found free on the internet.

Saturday, January 7th, 1928

Saw “Aren’t We All”  at the Community Playhouse in the afternoon with Betty ****, then went down to Mrs. Walkup’s with Billy **** at night. He took me to the tavern afterwards.   (a poem at bottom)

High Mountains are worn away,
Ground between heavens fury, and earths torrents.

Mighty trees are swept low,
In the path of the sky terror.
All nature bows, rebellious,
And unwilling, to the Storm King.

Sunday, January 8th, 1928

SPRING  ( a poem)
Dancing all over the hilltops
Riding the clear mountain streams
Spring comes gaily to meet us,
Bringing the warm sunbeams.

Glancing a chance at the rainbow,
flirting with each tiny shower
rippling with golden laughter,
printing a kiss on a flower.

Clothed in the lightest of dresses
robing the trees all anew..
Happily she welcomes the summer
Drinking farewell with the dew.

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