Questions and Answers at Owl Talk Clothing

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Owl Talk Interior - Version 2

Every blue moon, the Owl Talk Clothing is asked for an interview, giving a chance

to share how the shop got started up and what gives the owners inspiration to keep

on selling after being in business almost twenty years. It’s an honor when people and

institutions notice the shop and offer their time and presence. In April of 2005, Lucky

Magazine did a blurb about Owl Talk on their back page, and it was fantastic!

Sapphire Shiohwan grew up in  the Eagle Rock neighborhood,  is a graduate of

“Fashion Institute of Merchandising” in Los Angeles, and has a fashion blog called

“Fashionable Gems in the Rough“. Sapphire’s logic with style is “It’s not about how

much you spend, it’s about how you style it, and make it work.”  A very fashion

forward girl, one of her favorite new trends is the “boyfriend look”, which goes

really well with her new adorable  pixie style hair- cut that she got recently.

On a recent visit to her parents home Sapphire caught sight of the shop,

and asked about doing an interview for her blog. We said Yes, of course, and last

weekend the questions and answers began.

Kathleen & Sapphire

Kathleen & Sapphire

Q-  how did you come up with the name for the store?

A- we grew up with a huge owl collection in our home, and are very fond of owls.

Q- where do you find all the great stuff in your store?

A- all over, some pieces are vintage or used, and some are new, many of our new

items being made here in the u.s.a.

Q- Why did you decide to open a store?

A-  we wanted to create a space where women of all ages could shop together.

Q- How would you describe your style?

A-  Eclectic!  My logic and belief ( Kathleen Kroner) is that “Style is an energy, mood, emotion, and a woman’s style is constantly evolving, growing, and changing.”

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