The Owl Talk finds fun on Chinese New Year!

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The Plaza across from the Golden Dragon

Growing up in Los Angeles, China Town has always been a favorite place of mine to eat, shop, and unwind. In particular, I like to hang out and shop in the Plaza across the street from the “Golden Dragon Rest” where they have a good Din Sum.

Photo image from Harpers Bazaar

Looking through last months “Harpers Bazaar”, I was entranced by the spread of photographs by “Terry Richardson” in  “Chic Easy Pieces” page 330, then immediately saw a face that I knew personally. Sitting  with a gorgeous model was “Leo”, the Chinese “Face Reader”, that I like to visit at least once a year.

Sitting with Leo the Face Reader in the same pose

Leo has been doing “Face Readings” in the Plaza for over thirty years, works only 2-3 days a week, and is incredibly difficult to understand. This is what makes him so charming and adorable!  The moment that you sit in his chair, and the price is agreed upon ( usually 10$)  he will take your hands and begin an intense study of your palm with his magnifying glass. Then he writes some words or numbers on a “Fortune Paper”, and takes you through this lifetime with advice on when and who to marry, what sort of disposition you have, children, and career advice. Leo will also tell you the ” Chinese Horoscope”  depending on the year you were born.

Bone Lucky Kitty Earrings from Owl Talk

I had given up seeing “Fortune Tellers”  many years ago, when I learned that it was I alone that could guide a control my destiny, but seeing Leo is a weakness. I met him 15 years ago when my  “Nana” and I had finished a yummy breakfast at “The Empress Pavillion” in the plaza next door. When we walked by the “IT PUN FORTUNE READINGS” I was curious and listened in until Leo looked up and chased us out. Twenty minutes later, he was reading my face.

Since then I have taken numerous friends to see Leo the “Face Reader”, and firmly belive that it is the best entertainment and fun in all of China Town, Los Angeles.



IT PUN FORTUNES      436 Gin Ling Way, Los Angeles, Ca 90012

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