Vintage 101 Style Workshops @ Owl Talk Clothing

a) Do you love Vintage Fashion & accessories, but aren’t sure what is considered “good” Vintage, and what is just junk?

b) Have you got lot’s of good vintage item’s & accessories, that you want to wear, sell, or just figure what they are worth?

c) Mixing it up- How to find and mix great combinations of vintage and contemporary pieces to create outfits & looks.

Next Vintage Workshop will be "Vintage 101" on Feb 23rd 2016 @ 7pm

An overview of Vintage jewelry, starting with the 1900’s until present day, we will learn what role history played in Styles, what the identification marks mean, the difference between plated & precious metals, and why some Vintage & costume pieces are more valuable than today’s contemporary jewelry. Participate in a “Hands-On” Jewelry class as we put together a pair of “Brass & Bead Dangle earrings to keep or give as a gift!

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